What grid pattern should I get for my welding table?

Fixture welding tables are a massive timesaver. You no longer need to waste time tacking work pieces to your welding top or making jigs! But how does this all work? The holes allow your table to be transformed in a multitude of ways, including the use of extenders, right angle fixtures, flat stops, round V groove supports and more.

Your flexibility and versatility opens up in terms of how you use your table and how you can clamp your work pieces.

All of our tables offer the same levels of micrometer precision making alignment of your fixtures easy:

Both options use our 28mm diameter holes, but the difference is in the hole centers:

Hole Distance: ±0.05mm
Hole Diameter: ±0.05mm

So now it’s a choice of choosing what grid pattern that is right for you.

K16 Welding Table Grid Pattern

If you’re looking to buy one of our K16 welding tables, all you need to know is the holes are 16mm diameter and positioned at 50mm centers. For the hobby welder or many professionals, with our versatile range of accessories this will be all you need. Before you know it, you’ll be clamping your work pieces however you want in record time.

The grid pattern on our K16 welding tables

K28 Welding Table Grid Patterns

For those looking at our K28 welding tables, we have two options for you: Standard and Diagonal grid patterns.

Standard vs Diagonal

Standard: 100mm hole centers
Diagonal: 50mm hole centers
What grid pattern to choose on our K28 welding tables

So if you’re buying a K28 table, which option should you go for? It really comes down to flexibility and options with the table accessories. The Diagonal option (with 50mm centers) allows for more precision with clamping/fixture positioning since they can be positioned closer together and at a 45 degree angle to other holes.

The cost for the Diagonal grid option ranges from $200 – $550 (excluding GST) depending on size of table. If flexibility and versatility are important to you, then this is a small price to pay.

Welding Table Accessories

We stock heaps of accessories to make the most of your chosen grid pattern.

If you’ve gone with a K16 table, check out of range of accessories below:

Stops & Angles
Blocks & Large Angles
Bulk Kits
Misc Supports

And if you’ve gone with a K28 table, check out our range below:

Stops & Angles
Blocks & Large Angles
Bulk Kits
Misc Supports

If you’re not sure what to get, we recommend grabbing a bulk kit. We’ve carefully pieced together these kits to give you the most bang for your buck (and buying the kit gives you a discount too!)

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