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We are family run, Ballarat based Australian business who value high quality, affordable, tried and tested products. We are passionate about welding and take pride in our efficient and approachable service. We work closely with a range from large businesses to weekend warriors to provide you with exactly what you need. We can provide you with help navigating the site, instructions on how to use our products and any other queries you may have so feel free to contact us.

Welding Tables


Two years prior to launching our KO | WT website, we tested the now perfected table through real-life scenarios. We bought one for testing, used it for diverse fabrication jobs for over a year. After extensive use, we were impressed by its strength, clamping options, and fixture opportunities. We even tried tack-free welding of a 1.6mm SHS table frame, resulting in a flat, square frame (since re-created on our YouTube) Watch here.

In our years of welding, we never used such a precise 3D modular table. Usual DIY mild steel or flat pack tables couldn’t match these CNC machined, ready-made, hardened, thick-block welding tables – and due to the crazy precise tolerances, the table boosted our work confidence and speed ten-fold.

With a solid product, we initiated R&D for a product line. We consulted Aussie shops/contractors and realised varied table size and fixture needs. Instead of limited products, we decided on customisable, made-to-order welding tables and accessories. Our website must also include; displayed affordable prices for instant quotes and a seamless ”online shopping style” enquiry experience.

After six months of meticulous design, development, and fine-tuning by the KO team, our user-friendly website was launched!

Now years on, our aspiration is to establish the lead Australian industry standard for welding tables, enhancing fabricators’ efficiency, workflow, and craftsmanship nationwide. Read more about Alex (the owner) here.