The Benefits of Purchasing via Procuret

Here at KO Welding Tables, providing our customers with convenient and flexible payment options is essential. This is why we are thrilled to introduce Procuret as a game-changing payment option for your welding table purchases.

By integrating Procuret as a payment solution on our website, we are committed to providing you with a hassle-free and customer-focused purchasing experience. Let’s delve into the benefits that Procuret brings to the table and how it can allow you to get your hands on one of our welding tables sooner!

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What is Procuret?

Procuret allows you to spread the cost of your welding equipment purchases over time. This means that you can purchase the equipment you need without the burden of significant upfront costs. The instant and hassle-free nature of Procuret ensures that your purchasing experience is convenient and tailored to your specific financial needs.

With Procuret, you can invest in high-quality welding equipment without compromising your cash flow. This means that you can focus on driving your business forward while having access to the tools and resources necessary for success. Whether you are looking to expand your welding capabilities or upgrade your existing equipment, Procuret empowers you to make strategic purchasing decisions without financial strain.

How does it work?

It’s very simple! Procured has been designed to be as simple and hassle-free as possible.


We send you an invoice that states the total amount of your order. Within the invoice is a link you can click to begin the Procuret signup process.


You enter your relevant details in the signup form.


Once approved, your payments are made in easy instalments. What you pay and when you pay does not change to ensure the process remains simple.

Key Facts

Who can use Procuret?

Procuret is for business-to-business transactions. So only businesses who supply an ABN during signup are eligible.

What role does Procuret play in my purchase?

Procuret is a third-party instalment plan provider. They are separate and not connected to KO Welding Tables.

By using Procuret, you enter into a finance obligation with them. Procuret pays our invoice on your behalf and in exchange you repay Procuret in regular instalments.

What do I need to pay using Procuret?

You’ll need to provide your Australian Business Number (ABN), Drivers Licence details (for identification purposes) and your contact details. 

How do the instalments work?

You pay for your first instalment upfront, and the remaining instalments are paid at fixed intervals and are the same cost. This way you can forecast your cash flow easier and there are no surprises.

Ready to make use of Procuret?

When you submit a quote request, let us know that you want to pay with Procuret and we can send you the details and the payment link.

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