Welding Table Lifting Lugs

A solid, quality welding table is heavy. Due to the strength and rigidity requirements of a welding table, they have to be heavy due to the amount and thickness of metal they are created from.

At KO Welding Tables, our welding tables weigh anywhere from 82 kg (our smallest K16 table), to 1365 kg (our largest K28 table). There’s no way you can move these without some machinery to help. This is where our lifting lugs come in handy.

What are welding table lifting lugs?

Our lifting lugs are eyelets attached to a thick plate. Made from strong nylon, they are fastened to the top of your welding table via pins. You can then attach rope or chains to the eyelets to lift your welding table.

We sell our welding table lifting lugs in two sizes, for both of our welding table sizes:

Lifting lug for welding tables

Moving welding tables

Your KO Welding table will arrive in a wooden box and will not have its legs attached. Lifting the table top out of the box and into its final position is where the lifting lugs really come in handy. They’re fast to attach and remove from your table, so it makes moving your table quick and easy.

And if you ever need to move your welding table within your workshop, or to another workshop entirely, you’ll be glad to have the lifting lugs on hand.

Lifting lugs used to lift a welding table top from its box
Lifting lugs used to lift a welding table top from its box

Fitting the legs to your table top

After you’ve lifted your table top from the box and into a position where your welding table will eventually stand, it is time to attach the legs.

There is an internal M24 thread inside the top of the legs. Underneath your table in each corner, there is a thick 100mm x 100mm plate flush to the table bottom with a hole. The hole centre is 50mm to the edge of the table. 

The supplied screws simply need to be screwed and fastened, with an allen/hex key or spanner.

The photos below show the underside of the table corners with legs attached

Will your lifting lugs work with my welding table?

Providing the holes in your table are the same as ours, then yes.

To attach our lifting lugs to your welding table top, you’ll need to use pins. To know if our pins will fit your table, you need to measure:

Table top thickness
Hole diameter

We sell welding tables in two sizes, and their dimensions are below:


Thickness: 12mm 
Fixture hole diameter: 16mm


Thickness: 25mm
Fixture hole diameter: 28mm

Please measure your table and compare to the sizes above before placing an order.
To learn more about our accessories and how to measure your table to see if they’re compatible, read our blog post here.

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